Vanke Service
The Preferred Property Manager for Chinese Urban Residents.

The "coordinator service system", developed by Vanke Service, spans the entire life cycle of communal space service. It has held the top spot in property management in China for ten years and has earned urban Chinese citizens' trust. After more than 30 years of growth, Vanke Service has been motivated by technology to build a living house that is healthy, people-oriented, and prosperous. We are dedicated to allowing more users to enjoy the benefits of property services.

Business Scale

With 2,823 residential properties and a total GFA of 660.4 million sq.m. as of December 31, 2021, the company had expanded the geographic presence of residential property services to over 120 cities in China.

  • Cities
    120 +
  • Residential Properties
  • Total GFA of sq.m
    6.6 M
Services for Owners’Committee

Services For Developers

Vanke Service can effectively link B-end and C-end users, provide full chain services from real estate planning and design to the end of the warranty period, continue to improve the customer experience

Vanke Service
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