Our Mission

Always treat people, property, consumers, and service providers with respect. Maintain your commitment to providing exceptional services and use science and technology to their fullest potential.

Our Strategy
  • Consolidate the brand and actively expand space and customers
    Follow Onewo's brand strategy and keep developing new and established core brands to bolster the brand cluster and aid in the company's long-term growth.
  • Continue to invest in R&D and forge leading space technology capabilities
    Through continuously upgrading intelligent IoT and operational capabilities, build artificial intelligence solutions based on data and cloud computing.
  • Place the needs of the consumer first and continue to add new service offerings
    We will implement residential consumption services based on Asset Services in the community and offer one-comprehensive one-topic, focusing on the three areas of society, business enterprise, and city.
  • "Onewo Town" mode rolls out to build a space technology industry network
    The "Onewo Town" mode is built on the basis of digital infrastructure and Algorithm driven labor dispatch. The localized service network utilizes remote operation combined with offline service in a larger area, and reshape space efficiency.
  • Utilize Onewo's corporate ideals and continue to drive industry development and reform
    Continue to be mindful of how people are making a living, constantly improve the job that ESG does, and live by the principles of being a service provider, striving to be the best, and staying positive and transparent.
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