Company Culture

Join Onewa for a chance to network with leading industry professionals and improve your career prospects. You will be able to work with a group of caring, engaging, and responsible companions to strengthen yourself and give back to society.

  • Innovation

    We bring the industry's top IoT specialists, algorithm scientists, and solution experts together to boost the digitization process and re-engineer complex application scenarios in space service. Welcome to the opportunity to lead the way in the sector of technology empowerment!

  • Vitality

    Over 5,000 recent graduates have joined thanks to  "Onewo V," our campus recruitment strategy. The program has helped countless young people improve themselves and hold influential positions inside the organization. Welcome to the career bottleneck challenge

  • Responsibility

    A hero with the competence to persevere in menial tasks while possessing the fortitude to face challenging situations. Looking forward to making spectacular memories to take with you for a lifetime! Welcome to your heroic journey of protecting people's livelihoods!

  • Fun

    We'll arrange a variety of fun and relaxing outdoor events, including read-aloud, karaoke, mountain climbing, and beach parties, giving you the chance to meet other talent. Let's make Onewo even more awesome together!

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