Construction Site
Smart in Control, Safe and Efficient

Intelligent construction site solution aims at quality and safety progress control and provides management terminal tools to improve quality and efficiency and reduce cost and consumption.

Products and Scenarios
  • Personnel Management
    Personnel Management

    •  Real name access control
    •  Smart helmet
    •  Safety Education
    •  Body temperature monitoring

  • Machinery Management
    Machinery Management

    •  Tower crane & hook monitoring
    •  Panoramic monitoring
    •  Elevator monitoring
    •  Vehicle management
    •  Safe electricity monitoring

  • Material Management
    Material Management

    •  Material standing book
    •  Stock Registration
    •  Material planning
    •  Material inspection
    •  Material acceptance

  • Safety Management
    Safety Management

    •  Smart patrol & inspection
    •  AI alarm
    •  Tall formwork support
    •  Foundation pit monitoring
    •  UAV application

  • Environmental Management
    Environmental Management

    •  Anti-dust equipments
    •  Settlement monitoring
    •  Smart spraying
    •  Dust and noise monitoring
    •  Smart hydroengineering
    •  Intrusion detection

Changchun Vanke Sunflower Town

Onewo provides management tools for more than 10 intelligent management situations, such as monitoring project sites, access control, environmental management, etc. The project is a national intelligent site observation project, and it offers one-stop IoT solutions for safety risk prevention, quality control, schedule management, and other requirements in project construction.

Guizhou Lushan Smart Construction Site

Through the development of tools and systems, real-time photo collection on-site, automatic detection of fireworks and other hazardous materials and urgent early warning, precise tracking of staff entry and exit, use of drones for on-site safety real-time supervision, and other tasks.


Dongguan Vanke Jinyu Oriental Garden

Implement six functional modules and 115 applications to achieve component components and standardization, reduce material loss, and scientifically shorten the building cycle.

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