City Up
Smart City Operation Provider

City Up is the first practice enterprise of the "Property City" mode and the first independent brand in the country with the positioning of urban service. Adhering to the brand vision of "making the city better," it is committed to providing high-quality and efficient urban innovation governance for the government city operations service.

Business Scale

As of December 31, 2021, urban services have entered 22 cities and 47 service projects

  • Cities
    22 +
  • Service Projects
    47 +
Service Model
Onewo creates the "Full area smart operation " service mode to accomplish the "Integration, Intelligence and Co-construction" of comprehensive service for urban space.
  • Consolidation

    Reorganize the multiple business modules in the urban space, including integrating the different business contents of government departments and the business processes of different service providers, ultimately linking various subjects in the urban governance system, developing effective processes and service standards, and improving the efficiency and experience of urban operations.

  • Intelligence

    Digitally linking the jobs, equipment and dispatching systems in city operation system into a network. Local operation quickly respond to and handle service tickets, forming an "online + offline" operation closed loop to increas quality and efficiency of urban space management.

  • Co-construction

    Holding the idea of "co-construction, co-governance, and sharing", City Up promote the ecological design of the supply chain system, open resources, establish clear lines of authority and responsibility, and safeguard shared interests for an integrated social governance system.

Main Service Formats

Chengdu High-tech Zone
Territorial intelligent scheduling, urban space governance innovation.
Xiamen Gulangyu
Excellent integration ability, efficient emergency response.
Wuhan Jianghan District
Creating links between neighborhoods, renovating community environment.
Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone
Delicate urban operation, ongoing improvement of efficiency.
City Up
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