Procurement Digitalization Solution
Includes three parts: Shopping Mall Purchasing Services, Source Purchasing Services, and Purchasing Shared Services.

Our procurement team has substantial service expertise in four areas: Mechanism construction, supply management, IT platform, and operation services, drawing on more than 30 years of experience in Onewo's space service business.

  • Online Procurement Service
    Online Procurement Service

    In terms of standard procurement requirement, we provide one stop solution including online purchase, order approval, acceptance confirmation, invoice verification, and payment settlement.

  • Sourcing Service
    Sourcing Service

    Onewo local procurement team, which is spread across the country, can provide customers with full-category and full-process procurement business execution services for materials, engineering, and services. Key benefits include sharing the business operation capabilities of 34 territorial teams across the nation, high-quality supplier resources in national, regional, and territorial warehouses, IT platform tools, 7-layer security, and 7-layer certification.

  • Customized Procurement Service
    Customized Procurement Service

    Onewo can offer specialized, modular services tailored to each customer's needs. Core advantages: sharing of all things cloud (remote) commodity operation capabilities, procurement and payment operation service capabilities, project cost consulting and budget and final accounting capabilities, procurement system consulting, supplier (remote) operation and management, and other special procurement services.

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Onewo Selected - Direct Purchasing Service

For the real estate sector, Onewo's supply chain procurement team offers standardized material goods and distinctive material procurement solutions that can advance the supply chain's level, realize information-based procurement, and cut costs.

  • Exact Matching
    Exact Matching

    Based on thirty years of industry expertise, the standardized material list is best suited for the property management in the operation situation.

  • Best Vale Material
    Best Vale Material

    Based on the industry-standard material list, collaborate with the original factory that has a greater supply level, gather quantity, negotiate price, and obtain the most cost-effective material goods.

  • Transparent Procurement Process
    Transparent Procurement Process

    Provide online selection, procurement, payment, distribution, and other one-stop services, visualize and digitize progress, and lower overall procurement costs through the use of the digital procurement platform.

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