Height of customer satisfaction, long-term property management

The Smart Community solution is built around three major customer and service groups - owners, properties and partners - with the five primary building goals of people, safety, convenience, refinement and sharing to create sustainable, safe and secure communities.

  • People-oriented and Satisfaction-enhancing
    People-oriented and Satisfaction-enhancing

    By focusing on the needs of community residents and aiming to improve the satisfaction, happiness and sense of access of community residents, we achieve the construction and operation of a number of scenarios such as community property service, government service, lifestyle service, senior and child care and etc..

  • Quality Supervision and Safety Assurance
    Quality Supervision and Safety Assurance

    We provide sound supervision, fire safety, life and property safety, community safety for children and seniors, surveillance of discarded objects, digital fire protection and electronic patrol systems.

  • Fine Management
    Fine Management

    Build a unified operations and management center and service platform for ingenious communities, relying on community infrastructure, networks, platforms and data.

  • Innovation & Efficiency
    Innovation & Efficiency

    Empowered by technology and advance equipments, the business processing can be operated remotely, task steps can be robotized. Task solving time will be shorten and quality will be strengthened.

Application Scenario
  • Smart Go-through
    Smart Go-through

    • Smart epidemic control

    • Visitor registration

    • Contactless access

    • License plate recognition

    • Parking guidance

    • Non-inductive payment

  • Equipment and Facility
    Equipment and Facility

    • Stranger identification

    • Intelligent perimeter security

    • High-altitude parabolic monitoring

    • Personnel positioning system

    • Intelligent video patrol

  • Smart Property Management
    Smart Property Management

    • Work attendance

    • Repair processing

    • Salary management

    • Living service

    • Work order dispatch

    • Equipment and facilities management

  • Digital Operation Center
    Digital Operation Center

    • Data center

    • Issue tracking system

  • Public Service
    Public Service

    • Community business

    • Community services

    • Health and medical

    • Education and training

    • Party and community activities

  • Smart Home
    Smart Home

    • Entry intercom

    • Elderly and children care

    • Remote control on appliances

    • Environmental monitoring

    • Visitor appointment

    • Housekeeping

  • Healthy Community
    Healthy Community

    • Air quality monitoring

    • Water quality monitoring

    • Smart manhole coverg

    • Sanitation monitoring

    • Smart irrigation

  • Life Service
    Life Service

    • Smart charging pile

    • Smart letterbox

    • Smart trash bin

    • Background music

    • Athletic track

    • Information

Hangzhou Wanke Liangzhu Culture Village Community

Zhejiang Liangzhu community digital development project, based on the common community platform framework, including the urban brain, four platforms for grassroots governance and market operation, to realize the data fusion between the government and businesses. It utilizes digital twins to achieve three-dimensional modeling and information interaction, restores the actual scene of Liangzhu Cultural Village to the screen, and performs dynamic visualization management of space through the method of "point identification + VR presentation + Internet of things device access". This system integrates and accesses six primary data types: people, houses, enterprises, affairs, and things. By relying on the all-encompassing "Online + Offline" operation of the cloud, we can help real estate and property establish benchmark projects and address minor issues with people's livelihood. We can also increase residents' sense of gain and satisfaction.

Hangzhou Banteng's Future Community

One of the communities to be developed in the city's western science and innovation corridor is the Hangzhou Nanteng Community. It aims to create a community that will integrate various industries, such as residence, commerce, office, education, culture, sports and transportation. Its goal is to create a "digital intelligence future" with virtual scenes and digital operation platforms. With a total of 53 scenarios. Wan Rui contributed to the Hangzhou Nanteng Community Digital Construction Project, creating a model of collaboration, co-governance and sharing, and realizing interdepartmental, transnational and transregional community digital governance and services.

Shenzhen Puyueshan Project

Wanrui's first intelligent community project, Pu Yueshan, uses 11 intelligent system constructions to achieve applications for smart traffic, intelligent security, environmental monitoring, cleaning placement, cloud maintenance, and additional eight intelligent scene applications in Shenzhen. It provides residents with a brilliant living environment, enables property operation, creates a centralized command center, forms an intensive management model, and improves community management effectiveness. A smart community that integrates real estate and property management is exemplified by its service quality.

Chongqing Forest

The construction of nine major ecological scenes, including an energy-saving lighting system, water-saving irrigation system, rainwater reuse system, environmental monitoring system, garage carbon monoxide monitoring system, fresh air linkage, and other systems, as part of the Chongqing Green Ecological District demonstration project, create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

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