A Breakthrough in the Industry: Onewo Won the Bronze Medal in the International Competition

2022.07.21 19:20Publisher:

Recently, the CVPR2022 workshop (International Conference on Computer Vision and pattern recognition) Image Matching (Image matching) Challenge ended. The Onewo algorithm team set a new benchmark for the real estate industry and won the bronze medal in this competition at the top international computer vision conference.


CVPR is one of the top three computer vision conferences in the world. . Its primary focus is computer vision and pattern recognition technology as an annual academic conference of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), and its Image Matching Challenge has drawn many top algorithm teams from across the world to compete against one another.


The association of local information in the same position of two images through sparse or dense feature matching is known as image matching. It is one of the most fundamental techniques in the field of computer vision. This technology is frequently employed in innovative domains such as robotics, unmanned vehicles, augmented reality and virtual reality, image/commodity retrieval, fingerprint recognition, and others.

With the aid of intelligent hardware like edge-deployed sensors and cameras, computer vision-related technology has significantly improved smart space services in the context of cloud business. By monitoring the overflow of garbage cans, for instance, the AI camera can automatically issue work orders to cleaning inspectors. This alters the traditional method of routine manual inspection and greatly improves operating efficiency.


Onewo AI has successfully completed the deployment of 7 algorithms for complex scenarios and environments. While conducting algorithm training services, it strives to achieve full scene coverage. Also, it provides scientific and technological solutions to stubborn space management problems such as the illegal occupation of roads by cars, stacking of decoration garbage and large pieces of waste, entry of electric vehicles into elevators, blocked fire passageways, and departure of swimming pool security personnel.


The visual recognition system is currently widely employed in Onewo Town's streets. With the existing high-concentration projects serving as the core of a three-kilometer service network, Onewo Town is dedicated to pushing the limits of space management.


Onewo By continually advancing its space technology capabilities and improving the efficiency of its operations in challenging space operations situations, it is making progress in the real estate industry and earning prizes in important international competitions like CVPR.

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