Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service entered the national economic development zone to help create a high-quality citizen service window

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The Management Committee of Changsha Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone and Cushman & Wakefield Vanke service have recently formally partnered and signed a contract to enter the management committee building, provide IFM comprehensive facilities management services, and develop another top-notch public construction benchmark project.

Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone

In 2000, the Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone was created, and with the support of the State Council, it was promoted to a national economic and technological development zone in 2014. The park is a part of Hunan Xiangjiang's new region's national strategic development core area and has a projected area of 148 square kilometers. It serves as a new entry point for Changsha's opening up, a new hub for urban growth, and a new plateau for industrial agglomeration.

Service connecting the public to the government

With the assistance of Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service, Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone will begin to implement its "three high and four new" strategic orientation. Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service also focuses on space property services of public buildings in Changsha, acting as a connecting link between the public, buildings, and the government.

As a public government facility, the project needs space for many citizens to do business, raising the bar for the general caliber of the workforce. The Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service service workers can be observed throughout the trip, from the building's parking lot entry to the elevator and on foot to the service window. The public has effectively saved time while conducting business thanks to their patient instructions.

"Magnifying glass" type high-quality requirements

Cushman & Wakefield Vanke service project team deeply and professionally analyzed consumer needs, quickly customized a whole complete set of equipment and facilities operation and maintenance service plan, and established a professional IFM management system for the management committee building from 0 to 1, including early inspection, operation, maintenance, fault, customer service, security, and environment.

The service team will conduct a field survey before entry, assess the project professionally, and organize the work schedule during the preliminary phase. The service team performed the "magnifying glass" inspection on the project site following the formal settlement, keeping to a high standard of quality and location specifics.

The project team calls for a special meeting to discuss shortcomings as they present their recommendations and urge all personnel to raise their standards and pay attention to details to ensure the project is implemented in a high-quality manner. For the management committee building's future logistics support, Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service relies on its qualified service skills and seasoned executive team.

Famous public structures such as the Hangzhou Citizen Center, the gallery on the west side of Shanghai, the Hangzhou Museum, and Shenzhen's "Red Cube" have all been serviced by Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service. Future developments will see a closer connection between resources, a more expansive view of corporate clients as citizens, an increase in public construction projects, deeper levels of cooperation, and the delivery of more beneficial services to clients and people.

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